Literary Analysis Essay

Like all literature, a literary essay should use a third-person tone and present tense. It is also centered upon a thesis text which explains the relevance of your essay by using examples from the text. To find it easy to write this type of essay, it is essential to know why you are writing it.

What is the Purpose of a Literary Analysis Essay?

The primary purpose of a literary analysis essay is to look beyond the surface meaning of the text. It involves a careful analysis of every aspect of the story using the elements utilized by the author. These tips will help you to understand this purpose:

  1. Note the patterns used by the author. Note the symbols and words that run throughout the text. Identify the ideas that are repeated and how they are connected to the meaning of the message demonstrated in the book.

  2. Read the text carefully to get familiar with the vocabulary especially ones used in important scenes.

  3. Since all the characters are fictional, you need to treat them in that context.

  4. Learn to use the terminologies used in literature

The Outline of a Literary Analysis Essay

Before writing, remember to choose a topic that is easy to discuss. Learning about the structure of this essay will help you to know how to write a literary analysis essay.

  1. Introduction

The introduction’s objective is to provide a brief explanation of the text to the readers. Include the author’s name and the title of the text. For plays and novels, remember to underline or italicize and for short stories and poems include the quotation marks. Provide brief background information about the writing and end with a thesis statement which shows your audience the points you are trying to argue. Be specific about the points you want to portray. State the title and the author of the work. This is going to help the reader identify which novel, book, poem or play you are analyzing. Also, do not discuss characters before explaining the texts in which they appear. Just like any other essay, catch the reader’s attention by making your introduction captivating. Assuming that the reader is familiar with the text will help you not to include irrelevant information. Inform the reader on what to expect in the writing but leave the explanation to the body paragraphs.

  1. The Body Paragraphs

To be able to build ideas for this section you need to ask yourself this question, what is the purpose of a literary analysis essay?

A topical sentence should be the starting point of your paragraph; this seeks to inform the reader about the central point to be explained. Avoid generalizing your topical sentence. The body paragraph answers the questionof why the author decided to include a particular character, scene or imagery. Use examples from the texts to build up your evidence and show how it relates to your topic. These examples mention cited excerpts, speculative examples, personal experience or applications. End the paragraph with a statement that creates a connection to the section that follows. This creates an organized flow of ideas for your essay. The final sentence is just a statement of the main theme. If you find it difficult to write this part, you can read a sample literary analysis essay of your choice.

  1. The Conclusion

This involves wrapping up your work by including a brief statement of the central point. The conclusion should demonstrate the importance of your essay as well as show how you have supported your points using the evidence from the text. Your conclusion will seek a solution to the problem you identified. A literary analysis essay example of “Romeo and Juliet,” you can discuss the issues that mirror our society today. End your essay with an intriguing statement that will make your readers reflect on the points you demonstrated in your piece of writing.

Sample Literary Analysis Essay

Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

Rome: The Victim

The luck of mankind has long been developed by the impulses of their leaders. Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar shows how humans through their endeavors annihilate their civilization. The Roman Republic was the envy of many nations before individuals through their greedy ambitions destroyed it. This play shows how man’s concept of paradise is blinded by selfishness hence destroying the possibility of perfection.

Julius Caeser is displayed as a character with so much ambition while Brutus seems to be a man of simple words and actions. Cassius, on the other hand, is a devious individual and a man who backs his words with actions he, however, considers himself to be noble and principled. Although he seems to be fighting for the good of the Romans, Cassius is only out to satisfy his desires. He gathers people by convincing his acquaintances that Caeser is the enemy. He goes a long way to convince the most influential people in Rome to side by him.

Cassius and his colleagues view Caesar as a threat because he desires to be king. According to him, if Caesar becomes the leader Rome will fall. To emphasize this belief, he recalls Caesar’s past to Brutus to demonstrate that Julius Caesar is not fit to lead the nation. Cassius envy stems from the fact that although Caesar is frail, many folks follow him. According to him, if Julius were to be king the country would mirror its ruler. He was afraid that rule would paralyze the people and restrict their rights “be the creators of their dreams” (47) He hated the concept of Caesar who was a frail man ruling Rome so out of jealousy he planned to assassinate him. Cassius succeeds in convincing Brutus that Julius should be eliminated. This is demonstrated through his speech he says that Julius will be “mocking the bottom pits from which he climbed” (26) Because Brutus loyalty lies in Rome he vows to annihilate any man who aims to destabilize the nation. He views Caesar’s rule like that which will cause destruction to the nation.

All the schemers join under Cassius. Brutus dedication to Rome motivates them to fight against Caesar. Cassius uses this opportunity to allow Brutus to think that slaying Julius will be for the sake of patriotism. Brutus ideas of legality are built on corruption, but he fails to see it until his last moments. He tells his partners to “rinse our hands in Caesar’s blood” (106) a sign that they have liberated the kingdom. This action will later make them double-crossers. Although Brutus’ loyalty is to his country, he fails to understand that these esteemed qualities prevent him from being just for Rome’s sake.

The death of Julius Caesar was coincidental with Rome’s collapse. The schemers celebrate that the “dictator is dead” (80), but their happiness is cut short as their activities cause the collapse of the great nation. Mark Antony takes advantage of this situation and rises to condemn Caeser’s murder and calling it treacherous. He said that the traitors had obliterated the “aristocratic man that lived in this era” (77-78) he vowed to revenge. Antony realizes that the schemers are distracted by their loyalty to Rome and Caesar’s murder has changed the nation forever. He uses the masses against the plotters. He points out Sir Brutus’ deception during the burial as he reads the tribute. Consequently, war and confusion break out as people try to kill the schemers. The traitors discover that their celebration was immature lived as they kill themselves one after the other. Rome falls as a consequence of selfish ambitions for justice

Man’s constant desire to be in control creates warped understandings of legality and fairness. Cassius and Brutus’ endeavor to create justice for Rome by killing their opponent destroyed the clear perception of what they were doing. With the death of Caesar, Rome went tumbling down, ironically as the individuals who tried to rescue it watched. The biggest weakness of humanity is the capability to create great societies and then destroy them if they are not pleased. Nations ascend and fall but man’s controlling desire remains constant.


Writing a literary piece follows basic steps of all other essays except this one involves a detailed analysis of a text and showing that a student has understood various concepts. Using previously acquired experiences and the right format will make the writing process effortless.

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